Best Student Paper Award

The novel observations
 and insightful conclusions presented in these works exemplify the high quality of student research reported at the conference and contribute significantly to the body of knowl
edge regarding the nature and consequences of light in the ocean.

The selection process is based on the review by the conference planning committee of an extended abstract. Extended abstracts will be due in September 2016, and students should indicate that they are interested in being considered for this award during the registration process.

Students who have received this award are listed below:

2014: Catherine Mitchell
2012: Jianwei Wei
2010: Purushottam Bhandari 
2008: Wayne H. Slade
2006: Amit Lerner
2004: Cedric G. Fichot
2002: Trisha Bergmann
2000: Eric M. Louchard
1998: Cheng-Chien Liu
1996: Chuanmin Hu
1994: Andrew W. Palowitch
1992: Chris H. Fritsen
1990: Charles Mazel