Poster Sessions

Dedicated poster presentations are are a popular feature of the Ocean Optics conference and take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Presenters are scheduled to stand by their posters for one-hour periods on their assigned presentation day and cards located on each poster board will note this information. All posters will remain on display through the conference week until 1:30 pm on Thursday, October 27th.

To view a list of presenters, poster titles and assigned poster sessions, follow this link.

To view details regarding the poster session as well as short and extended abstracts, please access the Guidebook App using the instructions below:

1. Go to this URL on your device:

2. Tap the “download” button to get the free Guidebook app

3. Open the Guidebook app

4. Enter the pass phrase ooxxiii2016 if prompted

5. Look for the guide: Ocean Optics Conference XXIII

The Guidebook is also accessible via web browser at: Please note that not all features are supported in the web browser version.

Complimentary wi-fi will be provided to all attendees thoroughout the conference center to aid in accessing the mobile app, PDF, and website.

When using Guidebook, please note that Extended Abstracts Appear under the heading "PDF" and the letters EE indicate that this is the Extended Abstract file. Near the end of the conference week, all attendees will be provided with access information for viewing and downloading all Extended Abstracts from a Google Drive.