Poster Presentation Instructions

Posters may be installed in Carson Hall (located on the upper level of the Victoria Conference Centre) from noon until 6:00 pm Sunday, October 23rd. Push pins will be provided. All posters will remain on display from 10 am Monday morning through 1:30 pm on Thursday, October 27th. Please refer to the program to determine when poster presenters will be attending their poster display. All posters must be removed by 3:00 pm on Thursday, October 27th. Any left over posters will be stored at the registration desk until 1:00 pm on Friday, October 28th and will be recycled if not claimed by that time.

Poster Printing Facilities

Two facilities in Victoria with poster printing capabilities are shown below. If you choose to use their services, please contact them directly to discuss details well ahead of time to ensure they can produce your poster. Both locations below are a few miles from the Victoria Conference Centre.

Blink Wide Format Printing 
(in the University of Victoria Bookstore)

Store #64 is located at:
780 Tolmie Avenue, Bldg.No.3, Victoria, BC V8X 3W4
Telephone: 250.383.8178

Another option is to use a service that prints posters on foldable fabric, such as: or PosterSmith.


Poster presenters should mount their posters in Carson Hall of the Victoria Conference Centre on Sunday, October 23rd from 3:00 – 5:00 pm, or beginning at 8:00 am on Monday morning, October 24th. Posters will remain on display throughout the conference, but must be removed by Thursday, October 27th at 12:30 pm. Any posters not retrieved by this time will be stored at the registration desk until the close of the conference. Any remaining posters will be recycled.

The maximum size of finished posters must not exceed 110 cm high × 110 cm wide in order to fit within the usable area of the poster board. Pushpins will be available on site to mount posters to the presentation boards. A poster number ID card (14 cm high x 22 cm wide) will be mounted on the display area of each poster board. You may temporarily remove this card and affix it on top of your poster in the upper right corner, if desired.

Posters are an extremely important element of the Ocean Optics Conference, and to reflect this, three poster sessions have been scheduled during the meeting. You will be notified of the session to which your poster has been assigned, and instructions will be issued to ensure that presenters know when to hang and when to remove their posters. Please note that no other activities are officially permitted to occur during these important sessions.

Posters should be prepared with clarity in mind, using easy to read fonts and font sizes, with a title that will be easily visible from 6–7 m away. Text should be kept to a minimum, and the main messages and conclusions conspicuously presented. Please avoid the use of red on green and vice versa to ensure that conference participants with difficulty differentiating between these colors are able to read all poster content. The Oceanography Society provides an excellent guide titled Scientifically Speaking which provides advice on preparing both poster and oral presentations that can be accessed here.

Presenters will be required to stand by their poster, and be available for questions and discussion with conference participants for one hour during their assigned poster session. The poster sessions provide an extremely valuable opportunity to discuss your results and ideas with colleagues. We realize, though, that you may not always have the opportunity to connect with colleagues interested in your poster during a busy session. To remedy this, we will provide "make an appointment to see me" plan, whereby presenters and interested parties can leave contact details and/or times available to meet on small cards that will be affixed to the poster boards.